NFLPA Collegiate Bowl at Rose Bowl Stadium

NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Tickets

Rose Bowl Stadium | Pasadena, California

HAVE YOU HEARD YET? NFLPA Collegiate Bowl HAS ARRIVED! The whole city of Pasadena is going to be dazzled by the most incredible event in decades. The whole of California is waiting in anticipation! If that wasn’t already enough, Rose Bowl Stadium will provide the perfect setting for a night of spectacular entertainment. This iconic venue has presented some of the most well-known events in the world, and this will be no different. Fans from all around the world are preparing for an memorable night, and so should you! That feeling of seeing the ultimate entertainment will leave a memory with you that lasts a lifetime. Tickets are almost sold out, get yours here while they last!

NFLPA Collegiate Bowl at Rose Bowl Stadium

Are you ready for a night of unforgettable show entertainment? Then you may be joining many others who are eagerly awaiting Saturday 18th January 2020 when the Rose Bowl Stadium brings NFLPA Collegiate Bowl back to Pasadena California for their latest show. This premiere will give fans a leading experience that is certain to entertain and delight. But it’s not just the event that has fans and critics excited for this Saturday event, as the Rose Bowl Stadium also offers a wide selection of benefits and services that make this one of the most popular venues in town. Your ticket brings you one step closer to being treated like a celebrity by elite staff who will make sure you have a great time at every show that comes to the Rose Bowl Stadium. This includes any choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic refreshments from the fan-favorite bartending staff. Comfortable seating and welcoming decor will also give you the best in comfort, which ensures that your Saturday night will be one you will remember. So, if you are ready for unforgettable entertainment, then you know what to do. Click the Buy Tickets button below to secure your tickets to see NFLPA Collegiate Bowl on Saturday 18th January 2020!

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