UCLA Bruins at Rose Bowl Stadium

Make sure you order your tickets today to see the UCLA Bruins continue their 2019 race. After a rough start this season, the team is looking to pick themselves up and make for a strong finish to the regular season. The players have trained long and hard to bring home the wins at their upcoming home games and head coach, Chip Kelly will be there at every step of the way with his determination and leadership. You can experience the thrilling highs and edge-of-your-seat action from Rose Bowl Stadium for all of their upcoming games within your face action you can’t possibly enjoy at home.

It doesn’t matter how you like your football: whether up close and personal from the field-side seating or if you want a clear view of the entire field, the play-by-play action unfolds before you, but only if you come to Rose Bowl Stadium.

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UCLA Bruins Tickets:

Will the UCLA Bruins overcome their start and make for a strong finish? Only time will tell and you will miss out on all the gridiron drama if you aren’t in the stands during their upcoming home games. Tickets are selling out fast, so act now, because when UCLA takes to the field you can bet the most hardcore football fans will be cheering them on. Will you be there?

Never a Decade Without the Bruins On Top

The UCLA Bruins football program plays as a member of the Pac-12 Conference at the Division I NCAA level. The Bruins are a team that consistently sees strong periods of success with no decade passing without their appearance in the top ten of the AP Poll since the 1930s. Their first breakout success came in the 1950s under then-head coach Henry Russell Sanders. Sanders had led the Bruins to the Coaches’ Poll national championships in 1954, three conference champions, and an overall record of 66-19-1 in his nine years at the helm.

The 80s and 90s were another great periods for the team under the leadership of Terry Donahue who led the program to a total record of 151-74-8, including 13 bowl games and a record-shattering eight straight bowl wins. The strength of the program guaranteed that they produced 28 first-round NFL Draft picks, 30 consensus All-Americans, and several award winners including Heisman winner Gary Beban. Most recently, the team had been Pac-12 Conference South Division champions for two years in a row in 2011 and 2012, playing in the Pac-12 Football Championship games both years.

The Bruins have also proven to be resilient in their dealings with their annual rival, The California Golden Bears. Ever since 1933, the teams have faced off annually in what some fans call their “most anticipated game of the year.” With over 88 logged contests, it might be easy to assume that the teams are evenly matched, but UCLA is leading the series with a 54-33-1 record.

Current Head Coach Chip Kelly, who signed on with the Bruins in 2017, has a lot to prove now that he’s in charge of a team with the Bruins pedigree, but sports commentators are hopeful that Chip Kelly will push the team to their current proven record of success.

Is Colson Yankoff the Player to Watch this season?

Colson Yankoff is a player who’s already marked by featuring in the news. He’s the first Pac-12 player to take advantage of the new policy that helps eliminate the “loss of season penalty” that had kept great players out of the action for two seasons whenever they move from program to program. The new rule is designed to grant eligibility rights to players moving within conferences as those moving between conferences. The May announced ruling that was later approved and immediately made active, allowed Yankoff to transfer from the Huskies to the Bruins comfortable that he could play sooner after he established residency per NCAA requirements.

Previously, Pac-12 players would have to miss out on two seasons, which affected their ability to play for their universities and gain notice from professional teams. It also represents a big step towards giving players freedom of movement rights so that they don’t have to weigh their athletic success against the academic needs that would have prompted a move in the first place.

This marks a stronger offensive line for the Bruins given Yankoff’s record as a four-star recruit rated as a sixth-best dual-threat quarterback before enrolling at Washington last season. Bruins fans are hopeful for Yankoff since the current QB line-up needs a little more depth ever since Matt Lynch moved to tight end. Yankoff’s skills in moving the ball with passes or runs would make him a powerful tool for the Bruins any time he hits the field.

Since he is still a young player, he will grow into the role, but Bruins fans and coaching staff likely agree that he’s the pocket weapon the Bruins want right now.

So far from Home, So close to Victory

The UCLA Bruins are unique in that they play their home games at a stadium that’s further from their home campus then they have to travel for their biggest road games at USC every other year. The Bruins took residency at Rose Bowl Stadium after an attempt to build a 44,000 seat stadium on campus was blocked by area residents and politicians. Before the Bruins took up residency in 1982, they played their home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum since 1928.

The Bruins have then gone on to play two straight Rose Bowl games in their new home stadium in 1983 and 1984 while participating in five Rose Bowl games since moving to their new home stadium. Rose Bowl stadium also serves as host for the UCLA-USC rivalry games during even-numbered years.

But moving history, what does the stadium offer to guests who want to watch incredible UCLA Bruins home games?

For years, the Rose Bowl had the largest football capacity in the United States eventually being bested by Michigan Stadium. The seating has also been reconfigured and rearranged with the original wood benches replaced by aluminum in 1969 and grandstand and loge seating installed in 1971. Red seatbacks have also been added to 22,000 seats before the 1980 Rose Bowl, with further improvements made before UCLA’s move and the 1984 Summer Olympics, resulting in new seat backs for 50,000 seats.

The stadium itself has seen frequent renovations to make it better suited for audiences and guests to enjoy. This includes a press box update before the 62 Rose Bowl that included an elevator and two rows. New restrooms, entry-gates, and concession stands have also been installed and added to offer convenience for vendors and guests alike. The 2014 “Brick Campaign” also helped fund a large logo of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, with donor bricks arranged in front of the south main entrance to the stadium.

When you visit, you can also enjoy a visit to The Court of Champions at the stadium’s south end. Rose Bowl game records along with coach names and MVP players are shown on plaques attached to the outer wall. A Hall of Fame statue is also at the Court of Champions. Recently, the Court had a 2014 renovation that expanded the room to allow for more plaques to be placed for future games, as well as more statues including 2019’s Brandi Chastain’s statue where she exposed her sports bra in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

There’s more to discover at Rose Bowl Stadium, and you can have your shot at exploring and finding these sites by ordering tickets to see the games.